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Andreas Eduardo Frank: HYPHEMIND

Andreas Eduardo Frank: HYPHEMIND

is a hybrid music theater: a real-virtual expedition into the whimsical world of fungi. What can we learn from the specialists of symbioses and their mycelial networks? What do our human ideas of individuality, intelligence and society look like from their perspective? Can we overcome the crisis of the Anthropocene with them and come to new forms of coexistence between humans, nature and machines?

The music of Andreas Eduardo Frank takes up the text of Matthias Rebstock and lets the most different styles collide in a virtuoso way. It plays with wit and power, with pop elements, analog synthesizers, shimmering soundscapes and through-composed light and video sequences. Like the mushrooms, the music is the medium of symbiosis and mediates between text, the analog visual language of Sabine Hilscher, AI-controlled animations by Niklas Berlec and the stage action.

Between presence and online performance, the online audience can establish contact with the hall audience, the performers and the unknown world of mushrooms through polls and online games. A digital-analogous wattle grows, which wants to connect with the mushroom mycelia to a cross-species network, the HYPHEMIND.

HYPHEMIND is a piece development in which text, music, performance, graphics and web design were created simultaneously and closely related to each other over a series of rehearsal phases.
Andreas Eduardo Frank and Matthias Rebstock


Andreas Eduardo Frank

Andreas Eduardo Frank

Andreas Eduardo Frank (*1987) is a composer, media artist and performer. His œuvre is characterized by close collaborations with outstanding interpreters and artists of various disciplines.

He works at the interface between real and virtual, between music, performance, choreography, video and theater.
Playing with absurdity, humor and precision, he wants to »glitter in a virtuoso way with what doesn’t glitter, build castles of thought without fear of tearing them down again, in order to derive from their rubble a genuine concept of music that flirts boldly with other disciplines.«

He actively shapes numerous performances and commissions in Europe, Asia and America as a sound director or performer in addition to composing. His works are interpreted internationally by renowned sound ensembles and artist:ing. Since 2019 he is artistic director of the Ensemble Lemniscate Basel, he is laureate of the 64th composition competition of the state capital Stuttgart and since 2021 member of the program group of the Festival Rümlingen.


Neue Vocalsolisten

Neue Vocalsolisten

The seven singers see themselves as explorers and discoverers who are constantly searching for new forms of vocal expression in exchange with composers. One focus is the work with artists who virtuously exploit the possibilities of digital media, with a desire for networking, playing with genres, dissolving space, perspectives and functions. The ensemble’s projects are characterised by idiosyncratic interdisciplinary formats between music theatre, performance, installation and concert staging. With more than 30 premieres a year, the ensemble’s work is regarded worldwide as leading and unique in the field of contemporary vocal music. The ensemble’s partners are always top-class specialist ensembles and orchestras, international opera houses, the independent theatre scene, electronic studios and numerous organisers of festivals and concert series of new music all over the world.


Against this background, the Neue Vocalsolisten have formed the genre of vocal chamber music theater. The singers also regularly collaborate with artists from non-European musical cultures and genres. In VOICE AFFAIRS, the Neue Vocalsolisten initiate artistic border crossings in which contemporary music is infected by the diversity of Lebanon’s experimental music scenes.

In its new series »Magical Spaces«, the ensemble, together with three young web designers, explores future performance formats between analog and digital perception, exploring all the possibilities of digital media.