One line
Sun 05.02.

Body electric

Clemens Gadenstätter: Four studies for portraits in surroundings

for accordion and electronics (2022) GP


Claudia Jane Scroccaro: I sing the body electric

for double bass and electronics (2020) GP


Francesca Verunelli: In bianco e nero

for accordion, double bass and electronics (2022) GP


Krassimir Sterev, accordion

Florentin Ginot, double bass

Serge Lemouton, IRCAM electronics

Sylvain Cadars, IRCAM Sound diffusion



Two masters of their genre, reliably accompanied by the sound directors of the Paris-based IRCAM, present three very different explorations of the relationship between solo instrument and electronics. They tell of cultural experience and memory, of musical embrace and fusion, but also of differences and autonomy.

Florentin Ginot
© Marc Ginot
Francesca Verunelli
© Julian Hargreaves/Academie de France, Villa Medici
Claudia Jane Scroccaro
© Soundcloude
Clemens Gadenstätter
© Videostill, MDJ
Krassimir Sterev
© privat

Co-production with IRCAM/ManiFeste


A composition commissioned by Musik der Jahrhunderte and IRCAM