One line
Wed 02.02.22
Theaterhaus, T3

7 Zwerge

Ensemble Ascolta takesnot least for its own biographical reasonsfor the first time the very young generation into consideration and commissions for a children’s music theater two artists who bring a very large experience in this genre. However, the 7 dwarfsin seven precisely imaginative roles that Manfred Weiss and Gordon Kampe have written and composed for the Ascolta musiciansfirst have to prove whether they can all become a »winning team«: They absolutely have to win a competition that lies ahead of them so that they can keep their hut and their instruments. The famous band »The 7 Dwarfs« had a huge success with the wonderfully singing Snow White. But Snow White left with a princesince then the dwarfs only quarrel and do not find their usual confident sound. So Snow White has to savebut she doesn’t answer! Has she forgotten her 7 friends?

Eine Produktion von Ascolta
gefördert durch den Musikfonds/Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung im Zusammenhang mit dem Programm NEUSTART KULTUR sowie das Ministerium für Wissenschaft Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg.