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Wed 02.02.22
Theaterhaus, T1


»Tolerance stacks« are used in mechanical engineering to calculate which deviations from the standard behavior of mechanical parts can be tolerated before a machine fails. In TOLERANCE STACKS II, the »machine« is the piece. Annesley Black explores the tension between man and machine and the enormous potential of transferring properties of electroacoustic instruments to »classical« instruments. A soloist quintet of analog electroacoustic instruments enters into dialogue with the large ensemble, pushing all parametersharmony, sound quality, tempo, rhythm, the role of soloists and ensemble, and the perception of transitional statesto the limits of their tolerance. Sounds on the verge of breaking unite to create unique moments: an unsentimental celebration of what is passing and cannot be reconstructed.


Oscar Bianchi previously opens five plentiful concert days at the Theaterhaus with »gorgeous plentifulness and generosity«, referring to the generosity of formants, colors and the spectrum of his two solo instruments: for the composer, an »arsenal of poetry and entrancement«.


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24. Februar 2022/21:0522:00 Uhr

Ensemble Musikfabrik
© Katharina Dubno

»Plenty for two« von Oscar Bianchi ist ein Kompositionsauftrag von Ensemble Musikfabrik
mit Unterstützung von pro helvetia


»Tolerance Stacks II« von Annesley Black ist ein Kompositionsauftrag von Musik der Jahrhunderte/Festival ECLAT, finanziert durch die Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung