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Wed 02.02.22
Theaterhaus, T2


IMMATERIAL is the third panel of the triptych VENA (=stream, vein, pulse), in which Chaya Czernowin deals with the present from three different angles. In IMMATERIAL she uses the voice »in the most radical and unique way, as a carrier of the senses, as a transmitter of wild and unspoken sensations emanating from our bodies, forming a web of unknown emotions, breathing, faded memories and strange biological processes, all intertwined. The voice itself does not tell stories. It does not verbalize. It transmits a sensory event of stirred emotions. It creates an experience of listening, a theater of sound, a kind of butoh of the voice.« And, »If I ever wrote a real manifesto (an ANTI-manifesto)this might have been it!«


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Chaya Czernowin
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