One line
Sun 06.02.22
Theaterhaus, T4


»Midmeste« comes from Old English and means »in between« or »in the middle«. Taking advantage of a joint residency at Akademie Schloss Solitude, the two Australian musicians, who have collaborated in various constellations for many years, develop the work in which they meet »in the middle« of their shared interests, especially in terms of creating and embedding »sound« in broader conceptual images, influenced by late medieval melody and harmony, pure tuning, and microtonal shadings.


Thus, in their meditative work, they explore a web of relationships between their specific instruments, interplay, and spacea kind of tracing of multiple strands, outlines and connections, maps and paths in which musical materials and psychoacoustic remnants recur.

Eine Produktion der Akademie Schloss Solitude