One line
Sat 04.02.


Ricardo Eizirik: Here and there

for ensemble, electronics and scenic elements (2022) WP


Ensemble Ascolta

Timo Kleinemeier: sound direction


A game of paradoxes and misunderstandings in which the audience’s perception is constantly redirected.The Brazilian composer develops a subtle scenario for how reinterpretations and narratives about one’s own body create a new form of perception.


Ensemble Ascolta

Markus Schwind (trumpet), Andrew Digby (trombone), Erik Borgir (cello), Felix Nagl (keyboard), Hubert Steiner (electric guitar), Boris Müller (drumset and percussion), Julian Belli (drumset and percussion),

Timo Kleinemeier and Ricardo Eizirik (live electronics)


Ricardo Eizirik
© privat
Ensemble Ascolta
© Dominik Mentzos

commissioned by Musik der Jahrhunderte and Ensemble Ascolta

supported by pro helvetia