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Thu 03.02.22
Theaterhaus, T3

Performing Precarity I

Performers of contemporary music today have to accept a strong fragmentation of their professional practice: The performer role today encompasses much more than the mastery of an instrument and the execution of a score. New instruments and technologies, new interactive methods of composition, interaction also with the audience, or new interdependencies between performers often make it impossible for performers to maintain their usual control over a performance.  Thus, performance becomes increasingly precarious.


In »Performing Precarity,« Ellen Ugelvik and Jennifer Torrence explore this new paradigm. What kinds of practices emerge when traditional notions of beauty and perfection are abandoned in favor of precarity, fragility, risk, instability, and failure?


In UTFLUKT, the musicians, along with the two authors, explore how performance and animation can enter into a meaningful causal relationship. Together they enter a world of unknown creatures and sounds, a universe of unknown colors, movements, textures and rhythms.

Jennifer Torrence: Paper
© Jennifer Torrence

Performing Precarity I is supported by Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH) and Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills