One line
Thu 03.02.22
Theaterhaus, T3

Performing Precarity II

Composer Trond Reinholdtsen decided a few years ago that his practice would include all art forms, that music is more than sound, that there should be no restrictions on the type or relevance of materialresulting in an »aesthetic of universal genius-dilettantism.« “I once read something very similar: ‘…what is required of MUSIC is to take the risk, from within the infinite precariousness of this world, of a determined, fundamental music that is at once a music of singularity, a music of truth, a rational music, and a music of the event.’ I couldn’t agree more. There is too much interdisciplinary fuss out there. But that’s easier said than done:


«Natur ist langweilig
Apokalypse ist langweilig
Dieses Stück ist nur ein Abbild-Kopie von der general Wisdom
Alle künstlerische Radikalität ist tödlich
Alle künstlerische Radikalität ist zu precarious für heutiges Konzertleben
Paralyse ist die einzige Position»

Ellen Ugelvik
© Erika Hebbert
Jennifer Torrence
© Agentur

Das Projekt Performing Precarity I wird finanziert von der Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH) und dem Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills