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Fri 04.02.22
Theaterhaus, T1

SWR2 JetztMusik

An Australian street musician could not get out of composer Volker Heyn’s head. Not so much because of his special musicality, but because he shouted and drummed out what he perceived as injustice and inattention in the world. Thirty years ago, Heyn already wanted to make this »Eisengesang« (»iron song«) audible with a large orchestra and multi-channel tape; the realization in Donaueschingen was not realized after several attempts. Its message, however, is highly topical; we dare to give the (late) premiere. In view of all the pandemic tensions and negative news, the Chinese composer Ying Wang went in search of positive vibrations. She found the love frequency: 528 Hz. Her piece is based on it.


So accusation and affectionbut what about surprising intermediate tones in polarizing times? Saed Haddad wrote his concert piece for an instrument specially developed by the Portuguese soloist. A quarter-tone marimba challenges the orchestra to dialogue: be different!


Sendung SWR2 Abendkonzert
25. Februar 2022/20:0522:00 Uhr

Saed Haddad
© SWR/Donaueschinger Musiktage
Ying Wang
© Maria Frodl

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