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Alex Paxton

Alex Paxton
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Alex Paxton (b. 1990 in Manchester) possesses a »riotous abundance of love and rage…an extraordinary experience« (The Wire Magazine). An award-winning composer (he is a 2023 Paul Hindemith Laureate and recipient of a composer’s prize from the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation) and improvising trombonist, he is considered »highly innovative…of exceptional creative imagination and musical energy, packed with life force…« (BBC Magazine Ivor Novello, British Composer Awards). He has written extensively for orchestras, new music ensembles, electric devices, jazz musicians, improvisers and children.

In his work, he aims to create the most sensual sonic experience in every moment of every piece, to escape the metaphor of language and tap into tentacular abstract ball of sensation that lies beneath the surfacethis is where he finds »the stuff that is real which sticks to breath and fingers.«
»This is the most joyous sound I’ve heard in ages« (New York Times) and »A Brit who defies every conceivable genre boundary…. An extremely modern and future-oriented style.«