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Fantastic Swimmers 

Fantastic Swimmers was founded by Viktar Siamaška in Minsk in 2005. The formation specializes in spontaneous and controlled improvisation, operative composition using mostly acoustic instruments and special graphics. The Minsk line-up of Fantastic Swimmers includes musicians known on the alternative scene: Maksim Iŭkin, Eryk Arłoŭ-Šymkus, Frydrych Samotny, Dzianis Kudraŭcaŭ and others. From 2018, the band also has a Warsaw version in cooperation with members of the Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra: Piotr Mełech, Veranika Los, Piotr Dąbrowski, Martyna Kabulska, John Cornell, Olgierd Dolkalski and others. During its existence, Fantastic Swimmers has recorded and released on domestic and foreign labels a number of studio albums and live concerts, including the Concerto Grosso series. They did several soundtracks for the silent films »Sur un Air de Charleston« and »Polesie Robinsons«. At the request of the Mahorka label (Bulgaria), they created their own tribute to Pink Floyd. British saxophonist Filip Palmer participated in some of Fantastic Swimmers’ music sessions, including «Camp Songs», released in France. Some of these »songs« have become the soundtracks of many videos from around the world.