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Heinrich Horwitz

Heinrich Horwitz Foto Paulina Hildesheim

Heinrich Horwitz (they/them/she/her/he/him) is a choreographer, director and actor*. They studied Theatre Directing and Choreography at the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch Berlin and the HZT Berlin. They staged productions in the free scene realm, at municipal theatres as well as in contemporary classical music. Their works have been invited to the Heidelberg Stückemarkt and Autorenfestival Maximierung Mensch in Trier. For the dance piece Palais idéal they received the Dance and Theatre Prize of the city of Stuttgart and the state Baden-Württemberg. Since 2017 they have been working continously as choreographer and dramaturge with the Decoder Ensemble in Hamburg and with the composers Alexander Schubert, Sarah Nemtsov, Carola Schaal and Leopold Hurt, together with whom they mounted the evening Entitäten for the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg in 2018.
In addition to directing Heinrich has worked continually as an actor and dancer in theatre, film and television. They received the Adolf Grimme Prize for their role in the tv series Bruder Esel. Heinrich has frequently collaborated with Angela Shanelec and and had episode roles in Tatort and Der Bozen Krimi (2019). Since 2016 Heinrich has worked with the performance group The Agency. 2021 they worked on recreating the Amazon Myth in marching in a queer feminist parade through the center of Berlin.
2022 they has held a teaching appointment at AdK Ludwigsburg.

They is one of the 185+ German actors* who had their public Coming Out in Feb. 2021 with the manifesto #ActOut.