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Miguel Ángel García Martín

Miguel Ángel García Martín
© Oliver Oettle

Miguel Ángel García Martín (*1989, Zamora) is a percussionist, performer and improviser active in a variety of contexts such as contemporary classical music, multidisciplinary performances and experimental music based in Basel, Switzerland.
Seeking new sound worlds, developing unconventional playing techniques and collaborating with other artists are currently the basis of his artistic praxis. Some fruitful examples are the collaboration with Swiss drummer Julian Sartorius or different music-theaters with e.g. Simon Steen-Andersen or Ondrej Adamek.
Miguel is member of the percussion quartet »ensemble this | ensemble that«, the »Fachbetrieb Rita Grechen« theater company, the »KvG Bottom Orchestra« and the »Ensemble Lemniscate«.