One line

Dariya Maminova: Microsongs

for four voices



I speak softly.
I think softly.
What touches me?
The past.


The past. That’s the title I would give to my microsongs. More precisely, »мiнулае« [minułaje], which is past in Belarusian, and that’s the name of the poem by Vera Burlak that I use in my songs. The songs… They are like small rooms in a house. In these rooms nothing changes. And this house is »in the middle of nowhere«it’s a quote from a poem by Luljeta Lleshanaku, the second author whose lyrics I use in my songs.
»In the middle of nowhere« could also be the title of my piece.
Two languagesBelarusian and Englishmeet in the space of the past, in the middle of nowhere, in the space of »мiнулае«, »in the middle of nowhere«.
(Dariya Maminova)