One line

Hugues Dufourt: La Cité des Saules

for electric guitar and electronics


The Cité des Saules (City of Willows) is a metaphor for departure. The entire pièce is conceived as a form of reciprocal genesis between inwardness and space. There is no motif, no outline, no figure derived from a background. All that matters is the spatialization process.


The piece comes down to a process of emergence with the only distinctive features being the degrees of depth and opening. Articulations are reduced to the strict minimum: interstices, active voids, coloured segments, luminous events, interplay of transparencies, dark rumblings. The work ends by turning in on itself, by being reabsorbed into its own background.


The piece’s construction is largely based on echo reinjection, very slight ring modulation and hints of chorus effects. Today, all of these methods are obsolete. I would like to thank today’s performers for agreeing to rethink the piece using entirely digital treatment, thus giving it a new life.
Hugues Dufourt