One line

Andrés Nuño de Buen: Leve

for guitar quartet


Leve = light/gravityless in Spanish. I associate plucked string notes with something falling; something solid, subject to gravity. This is certainly due to their quick attack and short decay, comparable to the impact of a falling object. The idea of transforming this into something weightless, feather-light was there even before I started composingI wanted guitar sounds to ‚evaporate‘ into something less tangible. And not only the sounds, but also the shapes they form together were to evaporate in the course of the piece. From the concrete, tangible into the diffusely floating, at some point, however, even the gestaltness of the entire piece tipped over unplanned. What happens then? After two performances, I hear the piece as a labyrinth of simple, overlapping vertical and horizontal elements, in which I eventually realize that I am trapped.

Andrés Nuño de Buen