One line
Wed 01.02.23

Opening concert

Milica Djordjević: transfixed I-III

for ensemble (20202022) GP


Alex Paxton: iLolli-Pop

for ensemble and improvising musician (2019/20)


Arnulf Herrmann: Hard Boiled Variations-15 ½ Cycles

for ensemble (2020)


Ensemble Modern

Conductor Enno Poppe


»Like minimal but loads more notes like video-games but with more song like jazz but much more gay like old music but more current like yummy sweet but more stick like paint … like drums and Dream Musics…« Alex Paxton’s genre-busting work opens the concertas well as a festival of diverse boundary crossings.

»What really matters is that no one remains indifferent.«

(Milica Djordjevic)



Milica Djordjevic
© Astrid Ackermann
Arnulf Hermann
© Soany Guigand
Alex Paxton
© privat
Enno Poppe
© Harald Hoffmann
Ensemble Modern
© Vincent Stefan

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