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Wed 01.02.

Imaginary strings

Huihui Cheng: Imaginary strings
A room performance for winds, strings and percussion (2022) WP

Composition commission from Musik der Jahrhunderte


Ensemble Modern


A choreography for three instrumental groups gives the impression of a constantly moving sound, »as if invisible vibrating strings were bending in free fall.«



Formation Ensemble Modern

Dietmar Wiesner (flute), Christian Hommel (oboe), Jaan Bossier (clarinet), Johannes Schwarz (bassoon), Clemens Gottschling (horn), Sava Stoianov (trumpet), Michael Büttler (trombone), Ueli Wiget (piano), Hermann Kretzschmar (piano), David Haller (percussion), Rainer Römer (percussion), Jagdish Mistry (violin), Giorgos Panagiotidis (violin), Megumi Kasakawa (viola), Eva Böcker (cello), Michael Maria Kasper (cello), Paul Cannon (double bass)


Huihui Cheng
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Ensemble Modern
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Enno Poppe
© Ricordi/Harald Hoffmann

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