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Sun 05.02.23

Award winner’s concert

Award winner’s concert

of the Composition Prize of the State Capital Stuttgart 2022


Andrés Nuño de Buen : Leve

for guitar quartet


Davor Vincze: XinSheng

Chamber opera WP


Rama Gottfried: Scenes from the Plastisphere

for 5 performers and video puppet instrument



aleph Gitarrenquartett

Nina Guo, soprano

ensemble mosaik

conductor Magnus Loddgard

Arne Vierck Ecki Güther: sound direction

Remmy Canedo: Live Electronics

Heinrich Horwitz: stage director (Davor Vincze)


Andrés Nuño de Buen opens the prize-winners’ concert with intangible floating sounds, which are elicited from the guitar quartet thanks to superball and tuning fork. Rama Gottfried imagines a microscopic theater of hybrid creatures, sprung from the plastisphere, that interact with the human performers. A three-way relationship that goes off the rails is the plot of Davor Vincze’s hybrid chamber opera, set between film and stage.


ensemble mosaik–Besetzung für Davor Vincze

Christian Vogel (Klarinette), Leopold Hurt (E-Zither), Roland Neffe (Schlagzeug), Ernst Surberg (Keyboard), Mathis Mayr (Violoncello)
Arne Vierck: Klangregie; Eckehard Güther: Videotechnik


ensemble mosaik–Besetzung für Rama Gottfried

Karen Lorenz, Christian Vogel: object performers
Roland Neffe, Ernst Surberg: object performers (4th movement)
Simon Strasser: computer performer and camera
Eckehard Güther: Videotechnik
Arne Vierck, Klangregie



Music/Concept Davor Vincze
Directed by Heinrich Horwitz


Libretto & Story by Aleksandar Hut Kono

Performed by Decoder Ensemble + Nina Guo:

Sopran/FanNina Guo
Zither/Driver/Boxing OpponentLeopold Hurt
Clarinet/CrowdCarola Schaal
Violoncello/Fan/AssistantSonja Lena Schmid
Percussion/AndreiJonathan Shapiro
KeyboardsSebastian Berweck


Video editing by Lara Rodríguez Cruz
CameraJule Katinka Cramer


Video production funded by Stanford University, Department of Music
Pre-premiere of the fix media version: Music Biennale Zagreb 2021


Broadcast March 2, 2023, SWR2 JetztMusik, 21:05 Uhr

Scene from the Plastisphere von Rama Gottfried
Rama Gottfried
© privat
Andrés Nuño de Buen
© Daniela Tablada Garibay
Davor Vincze
© Andrew Watts