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Tue 01.02.

Wed 02.02.

Thu 03.02.

Thu 03.02.22
18:30 CET
Theaterhaus, T3

Performing Precarity I

To excel on the instrument, but to live precariously: This is what freelance musicians have always done. Now, however, the arts are increasingly calling the »masterful« into question. A project about the precarious as a principle of form and about giving up control over the musical situation.


Werke von Carola Bauckholt & Elizabeth Hobbs ᵁᴬ, Simon Løffler, Laurence Crane, Lisa Streich
mit Ellen Ugelvik piano/performance, Jennifer Torrence percussion/performance, Anders Førisdal performance

Thu 03.02.22
20:00 CET
Theaterhaus, T1

Prize Winner Concert

for the Composition Prize of the State Capital Stuttgart 2021

Three prize winners, three different aesthetic concepts. The »tonal found objects« of the first prize winner Benjamin Scheuer, who tries to recreate sounds with various toys and sound objects, are often humorous, strange and full of extra-musical associations.


Works by Mikołaj Laskowski, Benjamin Scheuer and Francesco Ciurlo with Kilian Herold clarinet, Teodoro Anzellotti accordion, Peter Veale oboe, Ensemble Musikfabrik, Clement Power conductor

Thu 03.02.22
22:30 CET
Theaterhaus, T3

Performing Precarity II

At the end of the evening, the precarious leads to a post-apocalyptic situation: dream sequences between concert, audio play, music theater, text, modernism nostalgia and choreography.


for Ellen, Jennifer, emergency instruments, ghosts, floating instruments, text, rain samples, modernist-nostalgic-neoclassical-revival video documentation, the Blob, varying degrees of darkness and choir ᵁᴬ

Fri 04.02.

Fri 04.02.22
18:00 CET
Theaterhaus, T1

SWR2 JetztMusik

»Sounds of despair at a dull-dumb human world in failure«: Ferro Canto, composed for the Donaueschinger Musiktage 1989, sings »of the man who beat an iron drum with heavy wooden sticks … and whoridden by the demon of knowledgenevertheless blows for departure.«


Works by Saed Haddad ᵁᴬ, Ying Wang ᵁᴬ and Volker Heyn ᵁᴬ
Pedro Carneiro quarter-tone marimba, SWR Symphonieorchester, SWR Experimentalstudio, Gregor Mayrhofer conductor

Sat 05.02.

Sat 05.02.22
12:00 CET
Theaterhaus, T1

Anonyme Bestattungen

Anonyme Bestattungen (Anonymous funerals)
»A music that leaves you alone with everything without having to feel lonely. A music that is distant from the ego, that steps back behind sensibility to leave room for sensation…« Over 4 hours of music that can be attended in full or in parts.


Isabel Mundry: Figura for two trumpets ᵁᴬ. Robin Hoffmann: Anonyme Bestattungen ᵁᴬ with Marco Blaauw, Markus Schwind, Ensemble Ascolta.


Sat 05.02.22
14:30 CET
Theaterhaus, P1

Practises of Subordination

Aus Text, Bildern, Fotos und Objekten formulierte der Künstler Sergey Shabohin eine ergreifende Erzählung über die staatlichen Strukturen, die die Bürger in Belarus unter Druck setzen. Musikalisch kommentiert von Christoph Ogiermann, werden die »Practises  of Subordination« für uns entschlüsselt von Lena Prents. Valzhyna Mort spricht mit dem Georg-Büchner-Preisträger Jan Wagner über ihren Gedichtband »Musik für die Toten und Auferstandenen«, aus dem Oxana Omelchuk das Gedicht »Music for Girls Voice and Bison« musikalisch interpretiert.

Sat 05.02.22
18:00 CET
Theaterhaus, T3

Zurück in der Zukunft

Uli Löffler and Hannah Weirich expose their impressive arsenal of analog keyboards »to the innovative spirit of the current generation of composers« and let the formerly futuristic instruments experience a not at all nostalgic renaissance.


Works by Dariya Maminova, Eivind Buene, Oxana Omelchuk ᵁᴬ, Milica Djordjević ᵁᴬ, Gordon Kampe with Hannah Weirich violine/e-Violin, Ulrich Löffler Minimoog, Behringer 2600 Synthesizer, Yamaha YC-30 Orgel, Hohner Clavinet, Philicorda, Hohner String Melody

Sat 05.02.22
20:00 CET
Theaterhaus, T2


Musiktheater hybrid ᵁᴬ

To understand our involvement in global structures, the actors start a mushroom expedition. With their hypothesis that the bizarre world of hyphae and mycelia could be the model for a better world, they also engage the digital audience in an adventurous hybrid game.


Andreas Eduardo Frank composition, Matthias Rebstock stage direction/libretto, Sabine Hilscher stage and costume design, alisch berlec hönow graphic design, Miguel Ángel García Martín percussion / objects, Neue Vocalsolisten

Sat 05.02.22
22:00 CET
Theaterhaus, Sporthalle


As if it were a figure with a thousand faces: thanks to the guitar’s innumerable possibilities (microtonal, agile, resonant, percussive, spectral, rhythmic, harmonic, melodic), Fuentes forms a gigantic instrument that »floats above a great labyrinthine sound space.«


Poème Maudit for microtonal guitar quartet & guitar ensemble ᵁᴬ
Arturo Fuentes composition/direction/light, aleph Gitarrenquartett, Jugend-Gitarrenorchester Baden-Württemberg

Sun 06.02.

Sun 06.02.22
19:15 CET
Theaterhaus, T1

SWR2 JetztMusik

Unfortunately, the SWR Vokalensemble had to cancel its participation in ECLAT due to Corona. The soloists of this concert have developed an alternative program with chamber music and juxtapose the two world premieres for trombone quartet with the nucleus of the originally planned choral work by Valerio Sannicandro, »Visio« for three violas. In three solo works for voice, the overtone singer Anna-Maria Hefele gives us the opportunity to discover the phenomenon of polyphonic overtone singing.